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Depairtment o Cesar
Departamento del Cesar
Banner o Depairtment o Cesar
Anthem: Himno del Cesar
Cesar shown in red
Cesar shown in red
Coordinates: 10°29′N 73°15′W / 10.483°N 73.250°W / 10.483; -73.250
Kintra  Colombie
Region Caribbean Region
Established December 1967
Caipital Valledupar
 • Govrenor Cristian Moreno Panezo (Green Pairty o Colombie Option Center)
 • Total 22,925 km2 (8,851 sq mi)
Aurie rank 22
Population (2005)[1]
 • Tot 879,914
 • Rank 15
 • Density 38/km2 (99/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-05
ISO 3166 code CO-CES
Wabsteid www.gobcesar.gov.co

Cesar Depairtment (Spaingie: Departamento del Cesar) or simply Cesar is a depairtment o Colombie locatit in the north o the kintra in the Caribbean region, borderin tae the north wi La Guajira, tae the wast wi the Magdalena an Bolivar, tae the sooth wi Santander, tae the wast wi Norte de Santander, an tae the east wi the Venezuelan state o (Zulia). The depairtment caipital ceety is Valledupar.[2]

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