Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor

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Otto IV
Otto IV 1836.jpg
19t Century impression o Otto IV
Holy Roman Emperor
Reign 1209–1215
Coronation 21 October 1209, Roum
Predecessor Henry VI
Successor Frederick II
Keeng o the Romans
Reign 1198–1209
Coronation 12 Julie 1198, Aachen
Predecessor Henry VI
Successor Frederick II
Keeng o Italy
Reign 1208–1212
Predecessor Henry VI
Successor Henry VII[1]
Keeng o Burgundy
Reign 1208–1215
Predecessor Philip o Swabia
Successor Frederick II
Spouse Beatrice o Hohenstaufen
Marie o Brabant
House Hoose o Welf
Faither Henry the Lion
Mither Matilda o Ingland
Born 1175
Died 19 Mey 1218
Burial Brunswick Cathedral
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Otto IV o Brunswick (1175 – Mey 19, 1218) wis ane o twa rival keengs o the Holy Roman Empire frae 1198 on, sole keeng frae 1208 on, an emperor frae 1209 on. The anly keeng o the Welf dynasty, he incurred the wrath o Pape Innocent III an wis excommunicated in 1215.

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  1. Although Frederick II was crowned King of the Romans, King of Sicily, King of Jerusalem and Holy Roman Emperor, he never crowned King of Italy at Pavia, Monza or Milan during his lifetime - see Sismondi's History of the Italian Republics in the Middle Ages, (1906), pg. 143; 147 and Kington-Oliphant's, History of Frederick the Second, Emperor of the Romans, Vol I, (1862), pg. 195 which specifically state that the Milanese refused to crown Frederick with the Iron Crown. Neither is his coronation as King of Italy mentioned in any modern source, such as Abulafia's, The New Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. V: c. 1198-c. 1300, (1999)