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Louis the German

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Louis the German
Keeng o Eastren Francie
Seal wi Louis' inscription an effigy.
RingKeeng o Bavaria: 817–843;
Keeng o Eastren Francie: 843–876
PredecessorLouis the Pious
SuccessorCarloman o Bavarie, Louis the Younger, Charles the Fat
Bornc. 804
Dee'd28 August 876 (aged c. 72)
Frankfurt am Main
SpouseEmma o Altdorf
IssueCarloman o Bavarie, Louis the Younger, Charles the Fat
FaitherLouis the Pious
MitherErmengarde o Hesbaye

Louis (Ludwig or Lewis an aa) "the German" (c. 804 [1]– 28 August 876), forby kent as Louis II, wis a grandson o Charlemagne an the third son o the succeedin Frankish Emperor Louis the Pious an his first wife, Ermengarde o Hesbaye.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Called to be Holy in the World: An Introduction to Christian History: "Louis (804-876) received the eastern area by which he was given the nickname “the German”"