Charles the Fat

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Charles the Fat
Sceau de Charles le gros.jpg
A seal of Charles III with the inscription KAROLVS MAGS ("Carolus Magnus")
Carolingian Emperor
Ring 881–888
Keeng o Wast Francie
Ring 884–888
Predecessor Carloman II
Successor Odo (King of West Francia)
Ranulf II (King of Aquitaine)
Keeng o Italy
Reing 879 – 26 December 887
Predecessor Carloman o Bavarie
Successor Berengar I
Keeng o East Francie
Ring 20 Januar 882 – 17 November 887
Predecessor Louis the Younger
Successor Arnulf (Keeng o East Francie)
Rudolph I (Keeng o Burgundy)
Born 13 Juin 839
East Francie
Dee'd 13 Januar 888(888-01-13) (aged 48)
Donaueschingen, Carolingian Empire
Buirial Reichenau Island, Loch Constance
Spouse Richgard (862–888)
Issue Bernard (illegitimate)
Hoose Carolingian
Faither Louis the German
Mither Hemma
Releegion Christianity

Charles the Fat[1] (13 Juin 839 – 13 Januar 888), an aa kent as Charles III, wis the Carolingian Emperor frae 881 tae 888.

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  1. Charles' nickname "the Fat" is a twelft-century concoction. Charles' actual girth is unkent.