Kunduz Province

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The location o Kunduz Province athin Afghanistan
The location o Kunduz Province athin Afghanistan
Coordinates: 36°48′N 68°48′E / 36.8°N 68.8°E / 36.8; 68.8
Kintra Afghanistan
 • Total8040 km2 (3,100 sq mi)
 • Estimate 
Main leidsDari Persie

Kunduz (Pashto/Persie: كندز) is ane o the provinces o Afghanistan, centered on the ceety o Kunduz, in northren Afghanistan, wi an aurie o 8,040 km square, an a population o aboot 820,000.[1]

The Kunduz River valley dominates the Kunduz Province. The river flows frae sooth tae north intae the Amu Darya or Oxus river which forms the mairch atween Kunduz province an Tajikistan. A newly constructit brig crosses the Amu Darya at Sher Khan Bandar. The river, its tributaries an derivative canals provide irrigation tae the irrigatit fields that dominate land uisage in the province. Thare are an aw rain-fed fields an open rangeland.

Pashtuns an Tajiks are the major ethnic groups in Kunduz follaed bi a minority o Uzbeks, Hazara, Turkmen, an ither.[2]

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