Panjshir Province

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Map o Afghanistan wi Panjshir heichlichtit

Panjshir (Persie: پنجشیر‎, literally "Five Lions", an aw spelled as Panjsher) is ane o the 34 provinces o Afghanistan. Containin the Panjshir Valley, in Aprile 2004 it wis creatit frae pairts o Parwan Province, which nou lees alang its soothwastren border.

Panjshir province is renowned for haein niver been captured bi the Soviets durin their occupation in the 1980s, due tae its difficult terrain an the actions o mujahideen uneer Ahmad Shah Massoud. In recent years Panjshir wis ane o Afghanistan's maist secure provinces an haes not been subject tae the same level o violence an insurgency foond elsewhaur in the kintra.

In spring 2010, the lang-servin govrenor Haji Bahlol Bahij wis remuivit bi Preses Karzai an replacit wi Kiramuddin Keram.

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