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Samangan Province

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Samangan Province

Samangan Province
Samangan Province
Map of Afghanistan with Samangan highlighted
Location o Samangan athin Afghanistan
Kintra Afghanistan
 • Total11262 km2 (4,348 sq mi)
 • Total350,400
 • Density31/km2 (81/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+04:30 (AST)
Main leid(s)Dari Persie, Uzbek

Samangan (Persie: سمنگان‎) is ane o the thirty-fower provinces o Afghanistan. The province covers 11,218 square kilometre (4,331 sq mi) an haes a population o approximately 313,211, as o 2006.[2]

Its caipital, Samangan, is kent for its auncient ruins includin, notably, the Takht e Rostam. Airchaeologists are desperate tae wirk in this province as wars an the Taliban hae destroyed mony o these airtifacts.[2]

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