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Badghis Province

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Province o Afghanistan
A veelage in Badghis
A veelage in Badghis
Location athin Afghanistan
Location athin Afghanistan
Districts prior tae 2005 realignment
Districts prior tae 2005 realignment
Coordinates: 35°0′N 63°45′E / 35.000°N 63.750°E / 35.000; 63.750
Kintra Afghanistan
Provincial seatQala i Naw
 • GovrenorDilbar Jan Arman Shinwari
 • Total20591 km2 (7,950 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Total499,393
 • Density20.9/km2 (54/sq mi)
Ethnic groups
 •  Tajiks
 •  Pashtuns
 •  Uzbeks
 •  Turkmen
 •  Dari Persie
ISO 3166-2 codeAF-BDG

Bādghīs (Persie/Pashto: بادغیس) is ane o the thirty-fower provinces o Afghanistan. It is locatit in northwastren Afghanistan, atween the Murghab an Hari rivers, extendin as far northward as the edge o the desert o Sarakhs. It includes the Chul formations through which the Turkmen-Afghan bundary runs.[2] The province wis carvit oot o portions o Herat Province an Meymaneh Province in 1964 an haes a total aurie o 20,591 km2.[3]

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