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Ghor Province

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Map o Afghanistan wi Ghowr heichlichtit

Ghōr (Pashto غور) (Persie: غور‎), an aw spelled Ghowr or Ghur, is ane o the thirty-fower provinces o Afghanistan. It is locatit in central Afghanistan, towards the north-wast. The caipital o Ghor is Chaghcharan. The name "Ghor" is a cognate tae Avestan gairi-, Sanskrit giri- an Middle Persie gar, in modren Persie koh-, Sogdian gor-/gur-, in later developit Bactrian leid as g´wrao- (an aw paravata), meanin "muntain", in modren Pashto as ghar-, in Pamir leids as gar- an ghalcca- ("muntain").


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