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Bamyan Province

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The location o Bamiyan Province athin Afghanistan
The location o Bamiyan Province athin Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°45′N 67°15′E / 34.75°N 67.25°E / 34.75; 67.25
Kintra Afghanistan
 • Total14175 km2 (5,473 sq mi)
 • Total387,300
 • Density27/km2 (71/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4:30
Main leidsDari Persie (Hazaragi variety)

Bamyan Province (Persie: بامیان‎) is ane o the thirty-fower provinces o Afghanistan. It is in the centre o the kintra. Its caipital is an aw cried Bamyan. The majority o the population are Hazaras, wi 16% Sadat, 15% Tajiks,[2] an Pashtuns an Tatars in smawer numbers.[3] Bamyan is the lairgest province in the Hazarajat region o Afghanistan, an is the cultural caipital o the Hazara ethnic group that predominates in the aurie.

In antiquity, central Afghanistan wis strategically placit tae thrive frae the Silk Road caravans which criss-crossed the region tradin atween the Roman Empire, Cheenae, Central an Sooth Asie. Bamyan wis a stoppin aff point for mony travellers. It wis here whaur elements o Greek, Persie an Buddhist airt wur combined intae a unique classical style, kent as Greco-Buddhist airt.

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