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(Reguidit frae Hazara fowk)
Tot population
c.10–14 million
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Afghanistan~7,000,000 , 25%[1]
 Iran2,000,000. some ~ 500,000 Afghan citizens of Hazara descent in Iran (2011)[2]
 Pakistan900,000. Some ~ 40,000 Afghan citizens of Hazara descent in Pakistan (2005)[3][4]
 Australie10,000 (2013)[citation needit]
Persie (predominantly Dari an Hazaragi dialects)
Shia Islam (Twaler an Ismaili), wi a Sunni minority (see Aimaq Hazara)[7]

The Hazaras (Persie: هزاره‎) are a Persie-speakin fowk wha mainly live in central Afghanistan, Hazara Toun in Balochistan, Pakistan, an Karachi. Thay are owerwhelmingly Twaler Shia Muslims an mak up the third lairgest ethnic group in Afghanistan.[8][9][10][11]

The dialect o Persie which thay speak is cried Hazaragi,[12][13] which is mair precisely a pairt o the Dari dialect continuum (ane o the twa main leids o Afghanistan),[14] an is mutually intelligible wi Dari.[15]

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