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Nuristan Province

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Map o Afghanistan wi Nuristan heichlichtit

Nuristān (Persie:نورستان), an aw spelled Nurestān or Nooristan, is a region in Afghanistan embeddit in the sooth o the Hindu Kush valleys. Its admeenistrative center is Parun. It wis umwhile kent as Kafiristan ("land o the unbelievers") till the inhabitants wur converted tae Islam in 1896, an thence the region haes become kent as Nuristan ("Land o Licht").[1]

The day it is ane o the thirty-fower provinces o Afghanistan, formit in 1989 an offeecially established in 2001 frae the northren pairts o Laghman Province an Kunar Province. Its admeenistrative center, Parun, is locatit in the Parun valley. Afore 2001 its caipital wis situatit in Laghman province due tae Mujahideen control ower Nuristan province.

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