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Municipality an toun
Hangon kaupunkiHangö stad
Eastren Harbour coastline
Eastren Harbour coastline
Coat of airms o Hanko
Coat airms
Location o Hanko in Finland
Location o Hanko in Finland
Coordinates: 59°50′N 022°58′E / 59.833°N 22.967°E / 59.833; 22.967Coordinates: 59°50′N 022°58′E / 59.833°N 22.967°E / 59.833; 22.967
Kintra Finland
Sub-regionRaseborg sub-region
 • Toun managerJouko Mäkinen
 • Total799.99 km2 (308.88 sq mi)
 • Laund116.89 km2 (45.13 sq mi)
 • Water683.26 km2 (263.81 sq mi)
Area rank292nt lairgest in Finland
 • Total7,838
 • Rank120t lairgest in Finland
 • Density67.05/km2 (173.7/sq mi)
Population bi native leid
 • Finnish53.5% (offeecial)
 • Swadish43.7% (offeecial)
 • Ithers2.9%
Population by age
 • 0 tae 1415.2%
 • 15 tae 6465.4%
 • 65 or aulder19.4%
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Hanko (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈhɑŋko]; Swadish: Hangö), is a bilingual port toun an municipality on the sooth coast o Finland, 130 kilometre (80 mi) wast o Helsinki. Its current population is 7,838 (28 Februar 2023),[2] wi a majority being Finnish speakers an a strang minority being Swadish speakers (44%).[3]

Soviet naval base[eedit | eedit soorce]

The watter touer an kirk in Hanko. They wur rebuilt efter the war, haein been destroyed bi the Soviets.
Långsanda, ane o the several beaches in Hanko.

In the Moscow Peace Treaty that endit the Winter War on March 13, 1940, Hanko was leased tae the Soviet Union as a militar base for a period o 30 years. Durin the Continuation War, Soviet truips wur forcit tae evacuate Hanko in early December 1941. The Soviet Union renooncit the lease formally in the Paris peace treaty o 1947. As a curiosity, it can be notit that the short Russo-Finnish front athort the base o the peninsulae on the Finnish side wis held in pairt bi volunteer truips frae Swaden. A museum haes been established at this location, amang the trenches an ither remnants o the war.

The role o the Hanko naval base wis replacit bi Porkkala in the airmistice atween Finland an the Soviet Union o 19 September 1944, released back tae Finland in Januar 1956.

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