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Lohjan kaupunkiLojo stad
Laurinkatu street in central Lohja
Laurinkatu street in central Lohja
Coat of airms o Lohja
Coat airms
Location o Lohja in Finland
Location o Lohja in Finland
Coordinates: 60°15′N 024°04′E / 60.250°N 24.067°E / 60.250; 24.067Coordinates: 60°15′N 024°04′E / 60.250°N 24.067°E / 60.250; 24.067
Kintra Finland
Sub-regionHelsinki sub-region
Ceety richts1969
 • Toun managerSimo Juva
 • Total1109.73 km2 (428.47 sq mi)
 • Laund349.41 km2 (134.91 sq mi)
 • Water91.78 km2 (35.44 sq mi)
Area rank82nt lairgest in Finland
 • Total45,806
 • Rank24t lairgest in Finland
 • Density131.1/km2 (340/sq mi)
Population bi native leid
 • Finnish93.6% (offeecial)
 • Swadish4% (offeecial)
 • Ithers2.4%
Population by age
 • 0 tae 1418.7%
 • 15 tae 6466.4%
 • 65 or aulder14.9%
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Unemployment rate8.4%

Lohja (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈlohjɑ]; Swadish: Lojo), is a toun an municipality o Finland.

It is locatit in the province o Soothren Finland an is pairt o the Uusimaa region. The toun haes a population o 45,806 (28 Februar 2023)[2] an covers an aurie o 1,109.73 square kilometre (428.47 sq mi) o which 91.78 km2 (35.44 sq mi) is watter.[1] The population densitie is 131.1 inhabitants per square kilometre (340/sq mi). The municipality is bilingual, awtho it is no required bi law, wi the majority bein Finnish an minority Swadish speakers.[6]

The municipality o Lohjan kunta wis consolidatit wi Lohja in 1997, an the municipality o Sammatti wis consolidated wi Lohja in 2009. The municipalities o Karjalohja an Nummi-Pusula wur consolidatit wi Lohja in 2013.

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Results o the Finnish pairlamentar election, 2011 in Lohja:

Cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Lohja is famit for its cultural events. Mair nor a hunder different events are arrangit in the toun each year bi its residents an organisations. The maist notable are the Lohja Simmer Cultural Festival, the Apple Carnival organisit bi representatives o business an commerce, the retailers' Hurlumhei Carnival an the Auld Time Christmas mercat continue the tradeetion o fairs datin back tae the Middle Ages.

The doom metal baund Reverend Bizarre is frae this toun.

Sichts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ane unique experience is the Tytyri limestane mine, which haes a museum 100 metres unnergrund. This attraction an exhibitions can be reached uisin either an auld mine wagon or a modren lift.[7] Ither places o note are:

  • Lohja museum aurie
  • The surroondins o Lake Lohja
  • The Gothic Kirk o St. Lawrence which dates frae the 15t century
  • Kisakallio Sport college
  • Floating Restaurant-Café Kaljaasi
  • Alitalo vineyard
  • St. Lawrence Golf an the recreation bath Neidonkeidas

Gallery[eedit | eedit soorce]

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