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Reverend Bizarre wis a doom metal baund frae Finland. They played slow an hivy traditional doom wi dramatic vocals, followin in the footsteps o baunds such as Saint Vitus, Pentagram an Black Sabbath.

According tae Albert Witchfinder, the baund haed planned three more full-length albums: Songs from the Funereal World, Heavier Than Life an How It Was Meant to Be, but this plan wis later scrapped an the baund made anerlie ane more LP, disbandin Reverend Bizarre "afore it startit tae suck." The album, III So Long Suckers, wis recordit in the first half o 2007, an released in August o that year. The band's last concerts wur played during the autumn an winter o 2006 culminatin in a final performance in Turku. The band wis ane o the biggest names in the fowert wave o traditional doom metal.

Twa o the baund's EPs, Harbinger of Metal an Return to the Rectory, actually exceed seiventie minutes in length. Since their disbandin, Albert Witchfinder haes a new baund called The Puritan, an Peter Vicar haes foondit a new baund called Lord Vicar, which is goin tae release (alangside original material) sangs that Vicar wrote for Reverend Bizarre which did na make it ontae any albums.

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  • Practice Sessions (unpublished rehearsal tape, 1995)
  • Slice of Doom (1999)
  • You Shall Suffer! (extremely limited CDr, 2003)

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