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Pukkilan kunta
Coat o airms o Pukkila
Coat o airms
Location o Pukkila in Finland
Location o Pukkila in Finland
Kintra Finland
Region Uusimaa
Sub-region Porvoo sub-region
Chairter 1898
 • Municipal manager Juha Myyryläinen
 • Total 145.94 km2 (56.35 sq mi)
 • Laund 145.04 km2 (56.00 sq mi)
 • Watter 0.9 km2 (0.3 sq mi)
Aurie rank 321st lairgest in Finland
Population (2013-08-31)[2]
 • Tot 2,027
 • Rank 288t lairgest in Finland
 • Density 13.98/km2 (36.2/sq mi)
Population bi native leid[3]
 • Finnish 97.8% (official)
 • Swadish 0.9%
 • Ithers 1.3%
Population bi age[4]
 • 0 tae 14 20.2%
 • 15 tae 64 62%
 • 65 or older 17.8%
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Municipal tax rate[5] 19.5%
Website www.pukkila.fi

Pukkila (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈpukkila]) is a municipality o Finland. It is locatit in the Uusimaa region. The municipality haes a population o 2,027 (31 August 2013)[2] an covers an aurie o 145.94 square kilometres (56.35 sq mi) o which 0.9 km2 (0.35 sq mi) is water.[1] The population densitie is 13.98 inhabitants per square kilometre (36.2/sq mi).

The municipality is unilingually Finnish. The municipality haes previously been kent as "Buckila" in Swadish documents an aw, but is the day referred tae as "Pukkila" in Swadish.[6]

In 1962, a umwhile veelager, Onni Nurmi, bequetht the veelage 760 shares in a company cried Nokia - then chiefly kent as a manufacturer o rubber wirkbuits - on condeetion that the income be uised for the benefit o the elderly an that the shares wad niver be sauld. Efter a legal battle[7][8] the shares hae nou been diversifee'd an the income uised tae fund a welfare centre[9] an services for the elderly.[10]

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Results o the Finnish pairlamentar election, 2011 in Pukkila:

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