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This airticle is aboot the telecommunications corporation. For the Finnish toun, see Nokia, Finland. For ither uises, see Nokia (disambiguation).
Nokia Corporation
Julkinen osakeyhtiö
Industry Telecommunications equipment
Computer saftware
Foondit Tampere, Grand Duchy o Finland (1865)
incorporatit in Nokia (1871)
Heidquarters Helsinki, Finland[1]
Aurie served
Key fowk
Services Cairts an navigation, muisic, messagin an media
Saftware solutions
(See services leetin)
Revenue Decrease 30.176 billion (2012)[2]
Decrease € 2.303 billion (2012)[2]
Profit Decrease €3.106 billion (2012)[2]
Tot assets Decrease €29.949 billion (2012)[2]
Tot equity Decrease €8.061 billion (2012)[2]
Nummer o employees
97,798 (2012)[2]
Diveesions Mobile Solutions
Mobile Phones
Subsidiaries Nokia Siemens Networks (50.1%)

Nokia Corporation (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈnɔkiɑ]) (OMXNOK1V, NYSENOK, FWBNOA3) is a Finnish multinaitional communications corporation that is heidquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a ceety neighbourin Finland's caipital Helsinki. Nokia is engaged in the manufacturin o mobile devices an in convergin Internet an communications industries, wi ower 123,000 employees in 120 kintras, sales in mair than 150 kintras an global annual revenue o EUR 41 billion an operatin profit o €1.2 billion as o 2009. It is the warld's lairgest manufacturer o mobile telephones: its global device market share wis aboot 33% in Q2 2010, doun frae 35% in Q2 2009 an unchynged frae Q1 2010 (beginnin in 2010 Nokia revised its definition o the industry mobile device mercat that it uise tae estimate industry volumes). Nokia's converged device mercat share wis aboot 41% in Q2, unchynged frae Q1 2010. Nokia produces mobile devices for ivery major mercat segment an protocol, includin GSM, CDMA, an W-CDMA (UMTS). Nokia affers Internet services such as applications, games, muisic, maps, media an messagin through its Ovi platform. Nokia's subsidiary Nokia Siemens Networks produces telecommunications netwirk equipment, solutions an services. Nokia is an aa engaged in providin free digital map information an navigation services through its wholly-awned subsidiary Navteq.

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