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A multinaitional corporation (MNC) or multinaitional enterprise (MNE)[1] is haird tae define precisely tae obtain consensus frae different professions.[2] For example, when a corporation that is registered in mair nor ane kintra or that haes operations in mair nor ane kintra mey be attributit as MNC. Uisually, it is a lairge corporation which baith produces an sells guids or services in various kintras.[3] It can an aa be referred tae as an internaitional corporation.

Thay play an important role in globalization. Arguably, the first multinaitional business organization wis the Knights Templar, foondit in 1120.[4][5][6] Efter that came the Breetish East India Company in 1600[7] an then the Dutch East Indie Company, foondit Mairch 20, 1602, which would acome the lairgest company in the warld for nearly 200 years.[8]

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