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Hamish Henderson

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Hamish Henderson
BornJames Scott Henderson
11 November 1919
Dee'd8 Mairch 2002
Kent forScots sangs, poetry in Scots an Inglis, an as a socialist

Hamish Henderson, James Scott Henderson (11 November 1919 – 8 Mairch 2002) wis a poet, gaitherer o Scots cultur, poleetical activist an whiles a sodger an wis dubbed 'one of the most brilliant Scots of his age'.[1]

Henderson wis brocht up in Blairgowrie, Perthshire an in Somerset, was eddicatit at Dulwich College, London and Downing College, Cambridge.[2]

He wis wi intelligence in Warld War II in Noorth Africa an Italy, an on 2 Mey 1945, Henderson wis at the surrender o Marshal Rodolfo Graziani.[3] He screived war poetry and gaithered or scrieved sangs: Elegies for the Dead in Cyrenaica (1948), The 51st (Highland) Division's Farewell to Sicily and Ballads of World War II (1947). Efter the war, he tocht in Germany and wi preesoner o war in Comrie.[2]

In 1948 – 1949, Henderson workit wi the Workers' Educational Association and wis screiving in Inglis an Scots.[3] Frae 1955 tae 1987 he warkit at the Scuil o Scots Studies at the Varsity o Edinburgh,[3] an wis flyting wi Hugh MacDiarmid. He whiles translatit the letters frae prison o socialist Antonio Gramsci.[4][2] His ‘The Flyting o’ Life and Daith’ (1964) and ithir works in Scots wir promuivin the Scots Renaissance.[4]

In 1983 he wis votit Scot o the Year in 1983, bi Radio Scotland listeners; he refusit an OBE in protest aboot nuclear weapons.[5]

Henderson dee'd on 8 Mairch 2002,[2] an his funeral at St Mary's Cathedral (Episcopal) wis attendit bi 1500 fowk an that same sang wis sung.[4]

His sang Freedom Come All Ye wis sang at the Scots Parliament oan his centenary.[6] [1] The Varsity o Edinburgh haes an archive o Henderson's warks an correspondence.[7]

Sandy Bell's, the tavern frequentit bi Hamish Henderson

Selected warks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Frae the Scottish Poetry Library:

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Ian Spring (2020) Hamish Henderson: A Critical Appreciation, (In Inglis) Rymour Books, Perth[13]

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