Scots Renaissance

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The Scots Renaissance wis a mainly Scots leeteratur muivement o the early tae mid 20t century that can be seen as the Scots version o modrenism. It is whiles referred tae as the Scots leeterar renaissance, awtho its influence gaed ayont leeteratur intae muisic, veesual airts, an politics (amang ither fields). The writers an airtists o the Scots Renaissance kythed a lang-heidit interest in baith modren philosophy an technology, incorporatin fowk influences an aw, an a strang concern for the fate o Scotland's dwynin leids.

It haes been seen as a parallel tae ither muivements ithergates, includin the Erse leeterar revival, the Harlem Renaissance (in the Unitit States), the Bengal Renaissance (in Kolkata, Indie) an the Jindyworobak Muivement (in Australie), that emphasised hamelt fowk tradeetions.

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