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A makar in Scots leeteratur is a poet or bard, aften pairt o the ryal coort. The wird makar refers tae the craft o writin poetry (keek at scop forby).

For ordinar the Scots Makars refers til a Scots leid leeterar genre o the late Middle Ages.

In modren Scotland, The Scots Makar (cutty mak: The Makar) is the Scots' naitional poet, appyntit by the Scots Pairlament,[1] an the equeevalent o the English Poet Laureate. Syne 2004, the Makar haes been Edwin Morgan.

William Dunbar, a foregane Makar, wrate the Lament for the Makaris.

The maist weel kent o the makars wis John Barbour, Blind Harry (cried Henry the Minstrel an aw), Robert Henryson (or Henrysoun), William Dunbar, Gavin Douglas an David Lindsay but there wis mony mair o them that shoud be mynt an aw, sic as Alexander Scott.

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