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Poetry is a kynd o airt form an a kynd o leeteratur.

Poetry uises the qualities o wirds, in sindry weys, for tae be airtistic.

  • different lenth an soond (o wirds)

(Poetry can be as short, as a puckle wirds, or as lang as a beuk (an epic).

  • meanins (o wirds)
  • (Poetry haes) different uises o tone.
  • Thare are mony "poetic forms" (forms o poetry).

Some o thaim are : Sonnet, Haiku , Ballad, Stev , Ode, Free verse, Blank verse, thematic, limerick an nursery rhymes.

A man or wumman wha scrieves poetry is cawed a "Makar". Poetry can be uised for tae descrive (comparin, talkin aboot, or pitten ower emotion) mony things. It can mak sense or be haivers, it can rhyme or no. It can hae mony shapes an sizes; it can be serious, or it can be funny.

"Tae say something poetically" means tae gie information in an airtistic wey.

Thrie poetry beuks written bi twa different makars, Victor Hugo an Walt Whitman