Alicia Ann Spottiswoode

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Alicia Ann Spottiswoode
Personal details
Birth nameAlicia Ann Spottiswoode
BirthLauder Juin 24, 1810
DiedLauder Mairch 12, 1900
FaitherJohn Spottiswoode of Spottiswoode
MitherHelen Wauchope
SpouseLord John Scott (en) Owerset  (Mairch 10, 1836 -  1860)
Leids spokenInglis
Thriftcomponeran sangwriter
Notable wirkAnnie Laurie
Q107100715 Owerset

Alicia Ann, Leddy John Scott, (née Alicia Ann Spottiswoode) (24 Juin 1810 – 12 Mairch 1900) wis a Scots sangwriter an componer kent chiefly for the tune, "Annie Laurie", tae that the wirds o a 17t-century poet, William Douglas, war set.