Kathleen Jamie

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Kathleen Jamie
Kathleen Jamie
Born (1962-05-13) 13 Mey 1962 (age 62)
ThriftPoet, essayist
Alma materUniversity of Edinburgh
Notable warksThe Tree House, The Overhaul
Notable awairdsForward Poetry Prize
Scottish Book of the Year
Eric Gregory Award

Kathleen Jamie FRSL FRSE (born 13 Mey 1962) is a Scots poet an essayist.[1][2] In 2021 she becam Scotland's fowert Makar.[3]

Life an wirk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kathleen Jamie is a poet an essayist. Brocht up in Currie, near Edinburgh, she studied philosophy at the University o Edinburgh, furthsettin her first poems as an unnergraduate. Her writing is rooted in Scots laundscape an cultur, an ranges throu traivel, weemen's issues, airchaeology an visual airts. She scrieves in Inglis an in Scots.[1][4]

First Meenister Nicola Sturgeon an Jamie in 2021

Jamie's collections include The Queen of Sheba (1995). Her 2004 collection The Tree House shawed an increasing interest in the naitural warl. Iss beuk wan the Forward Poetry Prize an the Scottish Book of the Year Award. The Overhaul wis furthset in September 2012.[1] It won the 2012 Costa poetry award.[5] Fuir the last tenyeir,] Jamie haes scrieved non-fiction as weel. Her collections o essays Findings and Sightlines ar thocht tae beinfluential warks o nature an laundscape writin. On furthsettin in the Unitit States, the latter won the John Burroughs Medal an the Orion Book Award.[1] Jamie dis essays an reviews fur the London Review of Books and The Guardian.

A poem by Jamie is inscrieved on the national moniment at Bannockburn.

In 2014, Jamie set forrit wi the task o scrievin ae poem a week. The resulting poems wis colleckit in The Bonniest Companie, lowsit in 2015, winnin 2016 Saltire Society book of the year award.[6][7]

In 2009 Jamie wis eleckit as a Fellow o the Royal Society of Literature,[8] an in 2018 eleckit as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.[2]

In August 2021 Jamie wis appyntit as the fowert Scots Makar.[9]

Awairds[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1981 Eric Gregory Award
  • 1995 Somerset Maugham Award for The Queen of Sheba
  • 2000 Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize for Jizzen
  • 2001 Scottish Arts Council Creative Scotland Award
  • 2003 Griffin Poetry Prize (Canada) (shortlist) for Mr. and Mrs. Scotland are Dead: Poems 1980–1994
  • 2004 Forward Poetry Prize (Best Poetry Collection of the Year) for The Tree House
  • 2005 Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year Award for The Tree House
  • 2012 Costa Prize Poetry Award for The Overhaul
  • 2014 John Burroughs Medal for Sightlines[10]
  • 2014 Orion Book Award for Sightlines
  • 2016 Saltire Society book of the year award for The Bonniest Companie[11]
  • 2017 Ness Award "for outstanding creative writing at the confluence of travel, nature and culture"[12]

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2009 eleckit a Fellow o the Royal Society of Literature[8]
  • 2018 eleckit a Fellow o the Royal Society of Edinburgh[2]
  • 2021 appyntit as Scots Makar[13]

Bibliography[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Black Spiders 1982
  • A Flame in Your Heart (with Andrew Greig) 1986
  • The Way We Live 1987
  • The Golden Peak: Travels in North Pakistan 1992 (reissued as Among Muslims in 2002)
  • The Autonomous Region: Poems and Photographs from Tibet 1993
  • The Queen of Sheba 1994
  • Jizzen 1999
  • Mr & Mrs Scotland Are Dead (Poems 1980–94) 2002 (shortlisted for the 2003 International Griffin Poetry Prize)
  • The Treehouse 2004 (winner o the Forward Poetry Prize) an Scottish Book of the Year Award.
  • Findings 2005, essays
  • Sightlines 2012, essays
  • The Overhaul (September 2012)
  • The Bonniest Companie (2015)
  • Surfacing (2019), essays
  • Contributor to A New Divan: A Lyrical Dialogue Between East and West, Gingko Library, 2019. ISBN 9781909942288

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