James I o Scotland

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(Reguidit frae James I, Keeng o Scots)
James I
16th century portrait o James.
Keeng o Scots
Ring4 Aprile 1406 – 21 Februar 1437
Coronation21 Mey 1424
PredecessorRobert III
SuccessorJames II
Born25 Julie 1394(1394-07-25) ?[1][2]
Dunfaurlin Aibey, Fife
Dee'd21 Februar 1437(1437-02-21) (aged 42)[3][4]
Blackfriars, Pairth
BuirialPairth Chairterhoose
SpouseJoan Beaufort
IssueMargaret, Dauphine o Fraunce
Isabella, Duchess o Brittany
Eleanor, Airchduchess o Austrick
Mary, Coontess o Buchan
Joan, Coontess o Morton
Alexander, Duke o Rothesay
James II o Scotland
Annabella, Coontess o Huntly
FaitherRobert III o Scotland
MitherAnnabella Drummond
ReleegionRoman Catholic

James I (late Julie 1394 – 21 Februar 1437), Keeng o Scotland frae 1406, wis the son o King Robert III an Annabella Drummond. He wis the last o the three sons. Bi the time he wis aicht, baith o his elder brithers war dead—Robert haed died in infancy but David, Duke o Rothesay died suspiciously in Falkland Castle while bein detained bi his uncle, Robert, Duke o Albany. Awtho pairlament exoneratit Albany, fears for James's safety grew during the winter o 1405–1406 an plans war made tae send him tae Fraunce. In Februar 1406, James wis accompanying nobles close tae his faither whan thay clashed wi supporters o Archibald, 4t Yerl o Douglas, forcin the prince tae tak refuge in the castle o the Bauss Rock, a smaw islet in the Firth o Forth. He remained thare till mid-Mairch, whan he buirdit a vessel boond for Fraunce, but on 22 Mairch while off the Inglis coast, pirates capturt the ship an delivered James tae Henry IV o Ingland. Twa weeks later, on 4 Aprile the ailin Robert III died, an the 12-year-auld uncrouned Keeng o Scots began his 18-year detention.

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