Robert Louis Stevenson

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A portrait o Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850, in Edinburgh3 December 1894, in Vailima, Samoa) wis a Scots writer an poem-makar.

He is maist faur-kent for warks in the Inglis like Treisur Island an The Orra Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde. He writ beuks in Inglis wi Scots dialogue lik Kidinappit (that haes been fou owerset intae the Scots), The Master o Ballantrae an Weir o Hermiston. He writ beuks in the Scots an aw, lik hauf the poems in his poetry beuk, Underwoods.

His beuks deal aftttimes wi the guid an the ill (lik in The Orra Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde an in The Master o Ballantrae) an wi destiny.