Gavin Douglas

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Gavin Douglas
Beeshop o Dunkeld
Seal of Gavin Douglas.jpg
See Diocese o Dunkeld
In affice 1515/6 – 1522
Predecessor Andrew Stewart
Successor Robert Cockburn
Consecration 1516
Personal details
Born 1474
Tantallon Castle, East Lowden
Died September 1522
Previous post Provost o St. Giles'

Gavin Douglas (c. 1474 – September 1522) wis a Scots bishop, makar an translator. Awtho he haed an important poleetical career, he is chiefly remembered for his poetry. His main pioneerin achievement wis the Eneados, a full an faithfu vernacular translation o the Aeneid o Virgil intae Scots, an the first successfu ensaumple o its kind in ony Anglic leid. Ither extant poetry o his includes Palice of Honour, an possibly King Hart.