Tantallon Castle

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Tantallon Castle
Near North Berwick, East Lowden, Scotland
OSGB grid reference NT596851
Tantallon Castle.jpg
Approach tae Tantallon frae the sooth
Tantallon Castle is located in East Lowden
Tantallon Castle
Tantallon Castle
Coordinates 56°03′23″N 2°39′02″W / 56.0564°N 2.6506°W / 56.0564; -2.6506
Teep Castle of enceinte
Site information
Ainer Historic Scotland
Controlled bi Earl o Angus
Open tae
the public
Condition Ruined
Site history
Biggit c.1350
Biggit bi William Douglas, 1st Earl o Douglas
In uise Until 1650
Materials Stone

Tantallon Castle is a mid-14t-century fortress, located 5 km (3.1 mi) east o North Berwick, in East Lowden, Scotland. It sits atop a promontory opposite the Bass Rock, leukin oot ontae the Firth o Forth. The last medieval curtain wall castle tae be constructit in Scotland,[1] Tantallon comprises a single wall blockin aff the headland, wi the ither three sides naturally protectit bi sea cliffs.

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