Lewis Grassic Gibbon

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Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

Lewis Grassic Gibbon (13t Februar 1901 - 7t Februar 1935), born James Leslie Mitchell wis a Scots owthor.

Born an brocht up in Aiberdeenshire, he stairtit wirkin as a jurnalist fur the Aberdeen Journal an the Scottish Farmer at the age o 16. In 1920 he listit wi the Ryal Air Force, wirkin as a clerk an spendin some time in the Middle Aest. In 1928 he quat the RAF an stairtit tae write fou-time. He wrat monie beuks an shorter warks baith unner his rael name an his nom de plume afore his airlie daith in 1935.

Altho no recogneised in the owthor's lifetime, his trilogy A Scots Quair, an in parteicular its first beuk Sunset Song is conseidert tae be amang the definin warks o the 20t century Scots Renaissance.

The leid he wrate in wis Inglis; the dialogue o his chairacters is meant tae be read as Scots, but is written in an Inglis-like kin o wey for tae mak readin mair eith for Inglis readers. For example, Grassic Gibbon wad write braw as "brave", an siller as "silver".

The Grassic Gibbon Centre wis estaiblisht in Arbuthnott in 1991 for tae commemorate the owthor's life.

List o warks[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Hanno: or the Future of Exploration (1928)
  • Stained Radiance: A Fictionist's Prelude (1930)
  • The Thirteenth Disciple (1931)
  • The Calends of Cairo (1931)
  • Three Go Back (1932)
  • The Lost Trumpet (1932)
  • Sunset Song (1932), the first beuk o the trilogy A Scots Quair
  • Persian Dawns, Egyptian Nights (1932)
  • Image and Superscription (1933)
  • Cloud Howe (1933), the saicont beuk o the trilogy A Scots Quair
  • Spartacus (1933)
  • Niger: The Life of Mungo Park (1934)
  • The Conquest of the Maya (1934)
  • Gay Hunter (1934)
  • Scottish Scene (1934), wi Hugh MacDiarmid
  • Grey Granite (1934), the thrid beuk o the trilogy A Scots Quair
  • Nine Against the Unknown (1934)
  • The Speak of the Mearns (1982), furthset efter his daith

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