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Iain Banks

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Iain Banks
Banks at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, 18 August 2009
Born16 Februar 1954
Dunfaurlin, Fife, Scotland
Dee'd9 Juin 2013(2013-06-09) (aged 59)
Kirkcaudy, Fife, Scotland
Pen nameIain M. Banks
SpooseAnnie Blackburn (1992–2009; divorced)
Adele Hartley (29 March 2013 – 9 June 2013; his daith)

Iain Banks (16 Februar 1954 – 9 Juin 2013) wis a Scots author. He wrate mainstream fiction unner the name Iain Banks an science fiction as Iain M. Banks, includin the ineetial o his adoptit middle name Menzies.


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Banks decidit at age 11 tae be a scriever an feenish his 1st novel at 16. Scrieving teuk him tae Stirling University.


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