Emblem o Sudan

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Naitional emblem afore 1970

The current emblem o Sudan wis adoptit in 1969. It shows a Secretary Bird bearin a shield frae the time o Muhammad ibn Abdalla, the self-proclaimed Mahdi who briefly ruled Sudan in the 19t century. Twa scrolls are placed on the airms; the upper ane displays the naitional motto, An-nasr lana النصر لنا ("Victory is oors"), an the lawer ane displays the title o the state, جمهورية السودان Jumhuriyat as-Sudan ("The Republic o Sudan"). The coat o airms is an aa the Presidential seal an is foond in gowd on the banner o the Preses o Sudan an on the vehicles carryin the Preses an at his residence.

The secretary bird wis chosen as a distinctively Sudanese an indigenous variant o the "Eagle o Saladin" an "Hawk o Qureish" seen in the emblems o some Arab states, an associatit wi Arab naitionalism (see Coat o airms o Egyp etc.).

The earlier Sudanese state emblem consistit o a Hippopotamus enclosed bi twa palm-trees, wi Jumhuriyat as-Sudan as the ae caption.[1]

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