Blade (film)

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Directit biStephen Morrington
Produced biPeter Frankfurt
Wesley Snipes
Robert Engelman
Written biDavid S. Goyer
StarninWesley Snipes
Stephen Dorff
Kris Kristofferson
N'Bushe Wright
Donal Logue
CinematographyTheo van de Sande
Release date
21 August 2008
Rinnin time
120 minutes
KintraUnitit States

Blade is an American Vampire Action fillum frae 1998. The fillum wis produced bi Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes, Robert Engelman, Andrew J. Horne an Avi Arad. The fillum wis directit bi Stephen Norrington an the cast o the fillum includes Wesley Snipes as Blade, N'Bushe Wright as Dr. Karen Jenson, Stephen Dorff as Deacon Frost an Kris Kristofferson as Abraham Whistler. The fillum is aboot a hauf-human hauf-vampire cawed Blade wha gaes aboot frae ceety tae ceety pertectin humans frae vampires. The fae o the fillum is Deacon Frost wha is an ambeetious vampire wha ettle at bringin back frae the deid the vampire bluid-god cawed 'La Magra', if he daes this he will hae the pouer an bouk o the bluid god an be able tae owerhail the human fowk. In the final fecht o the fillum atween Blade an Frost, Blade kills Frost bi bungin wee scooters o EDTA, that war makkit bi Karen the doctor intae Frost's bouk, the scooters o EDTA gar vampires tae flist. The fillum ends wi Blade killin a vampire in Moscow.

Premieres[eedit | eedit soorce]

Country Premiere
 Canadae 21 August 1998
 Unitit States 21 August 1998
 Singapore 10 September 1998
 Australie 8 October 1998
 Spain 9 October 1998
 Belgium 28 October 1998
 Philippines 28 October 1998
 Netherlands 29 October 1998
 Brazil 30 October 1998
 Denmark 30 October 1998
 Sooth Korea 7 November 1998
 New Zealand 12 November 1998
 Unitit Kinrick 13 November 1998
 Ireland 13 November 1998
 Fraunce 18 November 1998
 Iceland 20 November 1998
 Kuwait 25 November 1998
 Germany 3 December 1998
 Austrick 4 December 1998
 Argentinae 10 December 1998
 Portugal 11 December 1998
 Roushie 8 Januar 1999
 Hungary 21 Januar 1999
 Slovakie 28 Januar 1999
 Poland 29 Januar 1999
 Czech Republic 4 Februar 1999
 Norawa 5 Februar 1999
 Greece 12 Februar 1999
 Swaden 12 Februar 1999
 Turkey 12 Februar 1999
  Swisserland 19 Februar 1999 (German speaking region)
 Estonie 26 Februar 1999
 Finland 26 Februar 1999
 Japan 22 May 1999
 Italy 7 Januar 2000