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(Reguidit frae Åland Islands)
Åland Islands

Banner o Åland Islands
Motto: "Islands o Peace"[1]
AnthemÅlänningens sång
"Song of the Ålander"
Location o Åland within Finland
Location o Åland within Finland
and largest city
60°07′N 019°54′E / 60.117°N 19.900°E / 60.117; 19.900
Offeecial leidsSwadish
    • Ålandic
    • Ålandish
    • Ålänning
    • Åländare
  • Ahvenanmaalainen
Sovereign state Republic o Finland
GovrenmentAutonomous region o Finland
• Govrenora
Peter Lindbäck
• Premier
Katrin Sjögren
• Act on the Autonomy o Åland
7 Mey 1920[2]
• Recognised
1 Januar 1995c
• Total
1,580[3] km2 (610 sq mi) (unranked)
• 2017 estimate
• Density
18.36/km2 (47.6/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2007 estimate
• Total
$1.563 billion[5]
• Per capita
HDI (2017)0.900[6]
verra heich
CurrencyEuro (€)d (EUR)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
• Summer (DST)
Cawin code+358e
ISO 3166 codeAX
Internet TLD.axf
  1. The govrenorship is an admeenistrative post appyntit bi the Govrenment o Finland an daes nae hae any authority ower the autonomous Govrenment o Åland.
  2. Settled bi the League o Naitions follaein the Åland Islands dispute.
  3. Åland held a separate referendum an then jynt at the same time as the rest o Finland.
  4. Til 1999, the Finnish markka. The Swadish krona (SEK) is an aw widely uised.
  5. Aurie code 18.
  6. Replacin .aland.fi frae August 2006. The .eu domain is an aw used, as it is shared wi Finland an the rest o European Union member states.

Åland (Swadish pronunciation: [ˈoːland], Finnish: Ahvenanmaa), is an autonomous region an a airchipelago in the Easter Seas. They are situatit at the entrance tae the Guwf o Bothnie an form an autonomous, demilitarised, monolingually Swadish-speakin region o Finland. The islands collectively constitute the smawest region o Finland, wi anerlie 0.49% o its land aurie, an 0.50% o its population.

Åland comprises Fasta Åland (the "Main Island," wi 90% o the population),[7] thegither wi an airchipelago tae the east that comprises ower 6,500 skerries an islands. Fasta Åland is separatit frae the coast o Swaden bi 38 kilometres (24 mi) o open water tae the wast. In the east, the Åland airchipelago is contiguous wi the Finnish Airchipelago Sea. Åland's anerlie land border is locatit on the uninhabitit skerry o Märket,[8] which it shares wi Swaden.

Acause o the autonomous status o the Åland Islands, the pouers exercised at the provincial level bi representatives o the central state admeenistration in the rest o Finland are lairgely exercised bi the Govrenment o Åland in Åland.


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