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Kainuu on a map of Finland

Kainuu (Swadish: Kajanaland) is a region (maakunta / landskap) of Finland. It borders the regions o Northren Ostrobothnie, North Karelie an Northren Savonie. In the east it an aa borders Roushie. Kainuu is kent in the auncient Norse sagas as Kvenland.

The administrative caipital is Kajaani. Kainuu haes aroond 85,000 inhabitants (2006) an the population is in decline. The natur o Kainuu features forestit hills, lakes an vast expanses o uninhabitit woods at its maist typical — 95% o the land aurie is forest. The climate is continental.

Oreeginal inhabitants o Kainuu wur Sami hunter-fisherers. In the 17t century, the Govrenor General o Finland Per Brahe fostered the population growth o Kainuu bi givin a ten year tax exemption tae settlers. It wis necessary tae populate Kainuu wi Finnish fermers acause the aurie wis threatened frae the east bi the Roushies. The immigrants tae Kainuu wur mainly frae Savo an acause o that the Kainuu dialect is vera close tae the Savo dialect.[1]

Currently the population is in decline mainly acause the traditional livelihuid is agricultur which is no vera profitable ony mair in that region.

The economy o Kainuu is an aa driven bi the lumber industry, which employs 8% o the wirkforce in the region.[2] In addition, Kainuu Brigade, a base o the Finnish Defence Forces, is locatit near Kajaani.

Historical province[eedit | eedit soorce]

For history, geography an cultur see: Ostrobothnie

For oreegin o the name Kainuu see: Oreegin o the name Kainuu

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipalities o Kainuu:
1. Kajaani
2. Vaala
3. Paltamo
4. Ristijärvi
5. Sotkamo
6. Kuhmo
7. Suomussalmi
8. Hyrynsalmi
9. Puolanka

Kainuu haes nine municipalities. A new, democratically electit organ, the regional cooncil (maakuntavaltuusto), is being testit in Kainuu. The municipalities are independent, but this independence haes been questioned as health care, amang ither responsibilities o the municipalities, is difficult tae govren on such a sma scale. The municipalities in Kainuu are testin a model, whaur health care an some ither services are produced on the regional level.

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Coordinates: 64°30′N 28°00′E / 64.500°N 28.000°E / 64.500; 28.000