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Vysotsk (Roushie: Высо́цк; Finnish: Uuras; Swadish: Trångsund) is a coastal toun an a seaport in Vyborgsky Destrict o Leningrad Oblast, Roushie, locatit on the Karelie Isthmus, on the eastren shore o the Bay o Vyborg, 12 kilometer (7.5 mi) soothwast o Vyborg an 159 kilometer (99 mi) northwast o St. Petersburg. It hosts a base o the Roushie Baltic Fleet an an ile terminal (syne 2004). Population: 1,673 (2002 Census);[1] 929 (1989 Census).[2]

It wis grantit toun status in 1940 an in terms o population remains ane o the smawest touns in Roushie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The fortress o Trångsund (literally: "narrow strait") wis biggit tae the order o Peter the Great in the beginnin o the 18t century efter Roushie haed captured the aurie frae Swaden durin the Great Northren War.[3] In 1812, Trongzund wis includit bi Alexander I o Roushie intae the newly-creatit Grand Duchy o Finland. Atween 1918 an 1940, the toun wis pairt o independent Finland unner the name Uuras. As a result o the Winter War an subsequent Moscow Peace Treaty, it wis occupeed bi the Soviet Union in 1940 an became pairt o the Karelo Finnish SSR. In 1941, durin the Continuation War, it wis leeberatit bi Finnish troops an returned tae Finland. In Juin 1944, the toun wis occupeed bi the Red Airmy an wis anexed tae the Soviet Union accordin tae the Moscow Airmistice an Paris Peace Treaty. In Julie 1948, the toun wis renamit Vysotsk in honour o the Soviet machine gunner Kuzma Demidovich Vysotsky, who wis killed in the aurie on 4 Mairch 1940 durin the feenal days o the Winter War.

Vysotsk mey be considered ane o the cradles o radio, as it wis thare that Alexander Stepanovich Popov conductit his pioneerin experiments in 1897 an 1902.

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