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Scots Pairlament

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Scots Pairlament
Pàrlamaid na h-Alba
Scottish Parliament
5t Scots Pairlament
Coat o Airms o Scots Pairlament
Founded12 Mey 1999 (1999-05-12)
Alison Johnstone
Syne 13 Mey 2021
Humza Yousaf, SNP
Syne 20 November 2014
Opposition Pairty Leaders
Scots Pairlament poleetical groups
Govrenment (71)

Opposition (57)

Presidin Officer

  •      PO (1)
Scots Pairlament committees
Scots Pairlament votin seestem
Addeetional Member Seestem
Scots Pairlament last election
6 Mey 2021
Scots Pairlament neist election
7 Mey 2026
Meeting place
Debatin Chamber, Scots Pairlament Biggin
Scots Pairlament Biggin, Halyruid, Edinburgh
Politics o Scotland
Scotland portal

The Scots Pairlament[1] (Scottish Parliament in the Inglis; Pàrlamaid na h-Alba in the Gaelic) is the devolved legislatur o Scotland. The oreeginal Scots Pairlament, or Estatis of Scotland, wis elidit in 1707 bi the Act o Union, giein wey tae the new-foundit Pairlament o Great Breetain. The new Scots Pairlament wis establisht in 1999 unner the Scotland Act 1998, an the first gaitherin wis on the 12 May, 1999. It can legislate on aw maiters binna thaim that's pitten by for the UK Pairlament in Wastmeenster, an haes the pouer tae mak Scots laws an chynge the level o income tax peyed bi Scots ceetizens.[2]

The Scots Pairlament wis estaiblisht in 1999 for tae debate maiters an mak laws for Scotland. It is made up o 129 electit bodies that's kent as Members o the Scots Pairlament or MSPs. MSPs is electit wi a kind o proportional representation cryed the Addeetional Member Seestem. Awbody haes twa votes and awbody is representit bi aicht MSPs (ae constituency MSP an seiven regional MSPs).

History o the Scots Pairliament

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Afore the Treaty o Union 1707 unitit the Kinrick o Scotland an the Kinrick o Ingland intae a new state cawed "Great Breetain", Scotland haed an independent pairliament kent as the Pairlament o Scotland. Thare war Scots proposals in the discoorse tae stairt wi ower the Union suggestin thit a devolved Pairliament sud bide in Scotland, but this wisna acceptit bi the Inglis negotiators.[3]

Fur the neist three hunder year, Scotland wis guverned direct bi the Pairlament o Great Breetain an the follaein Pairliament of the Unitit Kinrick, baith based at Wastmeenster, an no hivin a Parliament of Scotland steyed an important pairt o Scots national identity.[4] Suggestions fur a 'devolved' Pairliament wis pitten forrit afore 1914, but wis pitten aff acause o the ootbrak o the First Warld War.[4] As nationalism grew in Scotland durin the late 1960s, demands fur some form o hame rule or fou unthrildom wis pitten forrit, an in 1969 made the umwhile Labour guvrenment heidit bi Harold Wilson tae set up the Kilbrandon Commission tae conseeder the Breetish constitution.[4] Ane o the heid objectives o the commission wis tae leuk intae weys o giein mair sel-govrenment tae Scotland, in the unitary state o the Unitit Kinrick.[4][5] Kilbrandon pat oot his report in 1973 recommendin the stairtin up o a Scots Assembly electit direct tae manage maist hame Scots affairs.[6]

Durin this time, diskiverin ile in the North Sea an the "It's Scotland's ile" campaign frae the Scots Naitional Party (SNP) pitten oot suin efter rose support fur Scottish unthrildom, as weel as the SNP. The pairty threapit thit the Scotland didnae see sae muckle benefit fae ile revenues as thay sud.[4] Thir effects o the events pitten thegither gart Prime Meenister Wilson commeet thit his guvrenment pit oot some form o a devolved body in 1974.[4] Unner the Scotland Act 1978, an electit assembly wad be set up in Embro gin the public wis fur it it in a referendum hauden on the 1 Mairch 1979.[7] A narrae feck o 51.6% tae 48.4% voted fur a Scots Assembly, but the Act wis needin at least 40% o the hale electorate vote fur the proposal an aw. Acause the turnoot wis juist 63.6%, the vote fur it representit juist 32.9% o the population alloud tae vote, an the Assembly wisnae set up.[7]

Throu the 1980s an 1990s, demand fur a Scots Pairliament grew, pairtly acause the Untit Kinrick govrenment wis controlled bi the Conservative Pairty, while Scotland itsel electit gey few Conservative MPs relative tae Wastmeenster.[4] Efter the 1979 referendum defeat, the Campaign fur a Scots Assembly wis stairtit as a pressure group, leadin tae the 1989 Scots Constitutional Convention wi sindry organisations siclike as Scots kirks, poleetical pairties an fowk representin industry takkin pairt. Pittin oot its blueprint fur devolution in 1995, the Convention gied the maist pairt o the basis fur the structur o the Pairlament.[8]

Devolution continued tae be pairt o the Labour platform thit wan pouer unner Tony Blair in May 1997.[4] In September 1997, the Scots devolution referendum wis pitten tae the Scots electorate an siccart a feck fur the estaiblishment fur a new devolved Scots Pairlament, wi pouers tae chynge tax levels, in Embro.[9] A election wis hauden on the 6 Mey 1999, an on the 1 Julie o thon year pouer wis pitten ower frae Westminster tae the new Pairlament.[10]

Upmak o the Scots Pairlament

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Pairty Mey 2021
Scots National Pairty 64 64
Scots Conservative Pairty 31 31
Scots Labour Pairty 22 22
Scots Green Pairty 8 7
Scots Leeberal Democrats 4 4
Presidin Officer 0 1
Tot 129 129
Govrenment feck −1 0

Guvrenment pairties denotit wi bullets (•)

The Pairlament elects fae amang its members its Preses (Presiding Officer in the Ingles) tae preside ower the gaitherins o the Pairlament. It elects the First Meenister o Scotland as weel.

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