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Depute First Meenister o Scotland

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The Depute First Meenister o Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Leas-Phrìomh Mhinistear) is the Depute tae the First Meenister o Scotland. The post is hauden bi John Swinney syne 2014.[1] Syne the May 2021 election, he is baith Deputy First Meenister an Cabinet Secretar fir Covid Recovery.[2]

The post isna recogneesed in statute (as agin the post o First Meenister, estaiblisht bi the Scotland Act 1998), an its hauder is juist an ordinar member o the Scots Executive,[3] but the post haes existit in practice syne the estaiblishment o the Scots Pairlament an Scots Executive in 1999.

The Addeetional Member Seestem uised for tae wale Memmers o the Scots Pairlament maks it haurd for an aesome pairty tae hae an absolute majority.[4] Frae 1999 tae 2007 the Scots Executive wis pitten thegither bi a Labour an Leeberal Democrat coalition. The First Meenister wis appyntit frae the majority coalition pairtner (Labour) an the Depute First Meenister frae the minority pairtner (Leeberal Democrats).[5]

Syne 2007, the Scots Executive haes been a Scots National Pairty minority administration; the First Meenister Alex Salmond appyntit the depute convenor o the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, as Depute First Meenister.[6] And syne the 20t November 2014, Sturgeon wis hersel the First Meenister, an she appyntit John Swinney as her depute, and baith were re-electit in May 2021.

The responsibilities o the Depute First Meenister are set bi the First Meenister o Scotland.[1]

While the first First Meenister, Donald Dewar, wis seek, the then Depute First Meenister Jim Wallace teuk ower the rinnin o the Executive.[7]

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