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The Depute First Meenister o Scotland (Scots Gaelic: Leas-Phrìomh Mhinistear) is the Depute tae the First Meenister o Scotland. The post is hauden bi John Swinney the nou.

The post isna recogneesed in statute (as agin the post o First Meenister, estaiblisht bi the Scotland Act 1998), an its hauder is juist an ordinar member o the Scots Executive, but the post haes existit in practice syne the estaiblishment o the Scots Pairlament an Scots Executive in 1999.

The Addeetional Member Seestem uised for tae wale Memmers o the Scots Pairlament maks it haurd for an aesome pairty tae hae an absolute majority. Frae 1999 tae 2007 the Scots Executive wis pitten thegither bi a Labour an Leeberal Democrat coalition. The First Meenister wis appyntit frae the majority coalition pairtner (Labour) an the Depute First Meenister frae the minority pairtner (Leeberal Democrats).

Syne 2007, the Scots Executive haes been a Scots National Pairty minority administration; the First Meenister Alex Salmond appyntit the depute convenor o the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, as Depute First Meenister.

While the first First Meenister, Donald Dewar, wis seek, the Depute First Meenister Jim Wallace teuk ower the rinnin o the Executive.

Depute First Meenisters o Scotland[eedit | eedit soorce]