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Memmers[eedit soorce]

Memmers comes aboot bi fause analogy wi wirds lik nummer. Ye'll no find memmer in the SND acause that's no whit Scots speakin fowk says. Its Member ['mɛm,bər]. Jimmy 20:08, 21 Augist 2005 (UTC)

A'm sorry Jimmy, A dinna ken that. A jyst thocht that it wis proper fae it said "Memmers" on the offecial wabsteid. :) Nou Uiserr

spaekin as a bodie that wis taen in bi "memmers" an a puckle ither words o the like -- the Scots Pairlament wabsteid gets a wheen o things wrang. For exemplar, on the front page juist, we hae producit an involvit, that naebodie ever says (A jalouse thay shuid be produced an involved). Mendor 10:17, 22 Augist 2005 (UTC)

Here in Ayrshire, we wid say "memmer" and no "member".

A agree, memmer disnae soond that bad tae me. Juist like "emmers" an "embers"? Phonetic spellins isnae a guid move tho acos whit works weill in a place like Aberdeen isnae gaun tae work sae weill in ither pairts o Scotland whaur the vowel soons etc chynged a different wye fae Middle Scots. Scots haes it's ain literary tradition wi a set o spellins that haes been uised for a lang time nou an disnae need to be uisin a "Scottish ebonics" approach tae mangle Latin an French orthography anither wye fae English. Benarty 18:50, 3 Mairch 2006 (UTC)
The Scots Language Society website [1] an the Ulster Scots Agency [2] uises "memmers". Benarty 19:09, 3 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

Is that no acause baith thir organisations is at the forefront o developin a "Scottish ebonics"? 20:12, 3 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

A'm no sayin phonetic spellins is aye the richt wye tae dae it (a wee bit's OK IMO in moderation wi the core vocabulary as lang as it works for aa/aw the major dialecks o Scots an if no thare haes tae be variants), but "memmers" is whit a guid few Scots spoken fowk fae sooth o Stonehaven/Stanehive(?) says so that wisnae a "false analogy" for fowk in central Scotland. An wi the -it verb endin thing, fowk in central Scotland dis tend tae say, X wes [verb]-it wi/by Y. Fae whit A can see the nou, SLS orthography isnae sae "Scottish ebonic" as some o yon Ullans folk's. It disnae seem tae me tae mess aboot wi Latin an French orthography the same wye or it didnae in the past oniewye afore A stairtit readin this wiki. Benarty 09:26, 4 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

just a wee aside, it's no raellie central tae the maiter, but A didna say fowk didna uise -it endins, but thay happen whan words end wi a plosive consonant juist (stappit, howkit but produced, involved). Mendor 20:26, 4 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

Juist tae complicate maiters Scots Tung Wittins uises maimber.
Jimmy 22:24, 4 Mairch 2006 (UTC)
In the laund o the glottal stop it's mair o a "t" at the end o "involved" an "produced". Benarty 23:41, 4 Mairch 2006 (UTC)

Name[eedit soorce]

The Pairlament cries itsel the "Scottish Pairlament" in Scots, but A get the feelin the Pairlament is wrang. The Scots for Scottish is shuirly (aamaist ayeweys) "Scots". The boy that's like tae be the neist First Meenister aye cries it the Scots Parliament e'en in English, but mibbe he's juist tryin tae be couthie.

Houaniver A can see the airgiement for giein it the name it gies itsel. (Same sort o airgiement as at Talk:Scottis Naitional Pairtie.) Will A flit the page tae Scottish Pairlament? Thochts? Mendor 17:38, 11 Februar 2007 (UTC)

Juist acause the fowk at the Pairlament gets it wrang, daes that mean we maun hae it wrang an aw? Mebbes pynt oot wi a fitmerk in the airticle that the fowk at the pairlament haes gotten it wrang.
Aw ye need dae is cite the SND for tae shaw thon. 18:05, 11 Februar 2007 (UTC)
A hiv duin juist that.
Jimmy 15:08, 7 Mairch 2007 (UTC)

Pairl[i]ament[eedit soorce]

The matching English article says the Scots name is Scots Pairliament, with a 2nd 'i'. Varlaam (talk) 22:12, 14 October 2012 (UTC)