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    Saunt Peter's Basilica in Rome. The statue in the foregrund is o Saunt Peter the frist Pope o the Roman Catholic Church.

    A'm Nou Uiserr, an a bide in Americae. A dinna speak scots at hame, yitt a'm thriled bi the leid an cultur. A hae a leet o airticles a hae creatit that's no been update'd for a bittie. Ye can hae a keek here.

    • Endue tae me no speakin Scots at hame, a dinna hae a set furm o Scots. Sae ma airticles hae a mixtur-maxtur o dialecks.

    Middle Inglis/Scots[eedit | eedit soorce]

    A hae monie Inglis dictionars at hame...monie sicca a reprent o Johnson's Dictionary an Shakespeare's Words that hae auld Inglis wirds. A puckle o whilk is uised in iver day Scots. Scots spellins is tae the richt:

    1. Athwart - Athort
    2. Cantle - Cantle
    3. Eke - Eik
    4. Eyne - Een
    5. Fash - Fash
    6. Gibcat/Gib/Gibbe - Gibby
    7. Gust - Gust
    8. Horse (pl) - Horse (pl)
    9. Ken - Ken or kent
    10. March - Mairch
    11. Mense - Mense
    12. Mickle - Muckle
    13. Ought (owe*) - Aucht
    14. Reeky - Reeky
    15. Scriber* - Scriever
    16. Scrivener* - Scriever
    17. Soothfast - Suithfast
    18. Stablish(ed) - Staiblish('t)
    19. Thou - Du, Tha, Thoo, een Thou
    20. Whist" - Weesht
    21. Ver - Voar (Sh*)

    - note -

    • Kyth (sco) an Kyth (Inglis) is no the same wird. Kythe (Inglis) meanin Teid.
    • Neb (sco) isna the same as in Neb (Inglis). Neb in Middlin Inglis means mouth or beak.
    *Owe uised tae mean own (Inglis) or awn.
    *Scrivener (Scribener) is a laich writer that aft maks contracts or swith wirks.
    *Whist is an adjective no a verb but the wird hauds a seemilar meanin tae Weesht.
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