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Thou is the seicont person singular pronoun o the Inglis leid. Thou is the nominative case; the oblique/objective (functioning as baith accusative an dative) is thee, an the genitive is thy or thine.

In modren Inglis thou continues tae be uised in some o the regional byleids o Ingland, some releegious contexts (referrin tae God whan caipitalized) an in certain speceefic phrases, e.g. "holier than thou", "fare thee well". Than, its contemporary uiss is an archaism.

Thou in Scots[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thou ([ðu]) wis uised alot in Scots frae the XVIt tae the beginins o the XIXt ane, far example bi makars like Robert Burns. It is gey less uised nou.

Orkney* yet (the yoch) uises wirds sic as thoo, thee, an thou. Ither aulder Scots furms includes ȝe, ȝow, thowe, thoue, an thous.