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Tony Blair

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Sir Tony Blair
Blair in 2010
Prime Meenister o the Unitit Kinrick
In office
2 Mey 1997 – 27 Juin 2007
MonarchElizabeth II
DeputeJohn Prescott
Precedit biJohn Major
Succeedit biGordon Brown
Leader of the Opposition
In office
21 Julie 1994 – 2 Mey 1997
MonarchElizabeth II
Prime MeenisterJohn Major
DeputeJohn Prescott
Precedit biMargaret Beckett
Succeedit biJohn Major
Leader o the Labour Pairty
In office
21 Julie 1994 – 24 Juin 2007
DeputeJohn Prescott
Precedit biJohn Smith
Succeedit biGordon Brown
Shaidae Home Secretary
In office
24 July 1992 – 24 October 1994
LeaderJohn Smith
Precedit biRoy Hattersley
Succeedit biJack Straw
Shaidae Secretary of State for Employment
In office
2 November 1989 – 24 July 1992
LeaderNeil Kinnock
Precedit biMichael Meacher
Succeedit biFrank Dobson
Shaidae Secretar o State for Energy
In office
23 November 1988 – 2 November 1989
LeaderNeil Kinnock
Precedit biJohn Prescott
Succeedit biFrank Dobson
Member o Pairlament
for Sedgefield
In office
9 Juin 1983 – 27 Juin 2007
Precedit biDavid Reed[a]
Succeedit biPhil Wilson
Personal details
BornAnthony Charles Lynton Blair
(1953-05-06) 6 Mey 1953 (age 71)[1]
Edinburgh, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Poleetical pairtyLabour
Spoose(s)Cherie Booth (1980–present)
Alma materSt John's College, Oxford
Inns o Coort Schuil o Law
ReligionRoman Catholicism
SignaturFile:Signature of Tony Blair.png
WabsteidOffeecial wabsteid
a. ^ Electorate abolished 28 Februar 1974, an reconstitutit 8 Juin 1983.

The Richt Honourable Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born on the 6t o Mey 1953 in Edinburrie), for ordinar kent as Tony Blair, wis the Prime Meenister o the Unitit Kinrick frae 1997 tae 2007. He wis the first Prime Meenister frae the Labour Pairty tae hiv haed three consecutive terms in govrenment.

He demittit frae office as Prime Meenister on 27 Juin 2007 an haundit ower pouer tae the new leader o the Breetish Labour Pairty, Gordon Brown. On the same day, he demittit as a Member o Pairlament (for the Sedgefield consteetuency) an wis appyntit as a peace envoy tae the Middle Aest bi the Quartet o the Unitit States, Unitit Nations, European Union and Roushie.

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