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Scots Greens

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(Reguidit frae Scots Green Pairty)
Scots Green Pairty
Co-LeadersPatrick Harvie
Lorna Slater
Co-Leaders in the Scots PairlamentPatrick Harvie
Alison Johnstone
Foondit1990 (1990)
Heidquarters17b Graham Street
Youth weengScots Young Greens
Membership  (2019)6,412[1]
IdeologyGreen politics[2]
Scots unthirldom[2][3][4]
Scots republicanism[5]
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left[9] tae left-weeng[10]
Internaitional affiliationGlobal Greens
European affiliationEuropean Green Party
UK Pairlament affiliationNone,
Wark wi (tho are unthirled fae) the Green Party of Ingland and Wales and Green Party in Northren Ireland
Colours     Green
Scots seats in the Hoose o Commons
0 / 59
Scots Pairlament
6 / 129
Local government in Scotland[11]
19 / 1,227
Party flag
Politics o Scotland
Political parties

The Scots Green Pairty is a green[2] poleetical pairty in Scotland. As o 2016, the pairty hauds sax seats in the Scots Pairlament. Forby, it haes 19 cooncillors in sax o the 32 local cooncils in Scotland. The co-conveners is Patrick Harvie an Lorna Slater.[12] The Green MSPs is Patrick Harvie, John Finnie, Ross Greer, Mark Russell an Alison Johnstone.[12] Follaein the Scots unthirldom referendum o 2014 whaur it campaigned fir an Aye vote it haed an ingrowth o memmers but haes lost a wheen o thaim sin syne.[1]


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