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YouTube, LLC
YouTube Logo 2017.svg
Teep o businessSubsidiary
Teep o steid
Video hostin service
FoonditFebruar 14, 2005; 15 years ago (2005-02-14)
Heidquarters901 Cherry Avenue
San Bruno, Californie
, Unitit States
Coordinates37°37′41″N 122°25′35″W / 37.62806°N 122.42639°W / 37.62806; -122.42639Coordinates: 37°37′41″N 122°25′35″W / 37.62806°N 122.42639°W / 37.62806; -122.42639
Aurie servedWarldwide (except for blocked kintras)
AwnerAlphabet Inc.
Key fowkSusan Wojcicki (CEO)
Chad Hurley (advisor)
Video hosting service
ParentGoogle (2006–present)
Alexa rankSteady 2 (Global, Februar 2019)[1]
AdvertisinGoogle AdSense
RegistrationOptional (nae required tae watch maist videos; required for certaint tasks sic as uplaidin videos, viewin flagged (18+) videos, creautin playlists, likin or dislikin videos an postin comments)
LaunchedFebruar 14, 2005; 15 years ago (2005-02-14)
Current statusActive
Content license
Uplaider haulds copyricht (staundart license); Creative Commons can be selectit.
Written inPython (core/API),[2] C (throu CPython), C++, Java (throu Guice platform),[3][4] Go,[5] JavaScript (UI)

YouTube is a video-sharin wabsteid, creatit bi three umwhile PayPal employees in Februar 2005, on which uisers can upload, view an share videos.[6] The company is based in San Bruno, Californie, an uises Adobe Flash Video an HTML5 technology tae display a wide variety o uiser-generatit video content, includin movie clips, TV clips, an muisic videos, as well as amateur content sic as video bloggin, short oreeginal videos, an eddicational videos.

Maist o the content on YouTube heas been uploadit bi individuals, awtho media corporations includin CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu, an ether organisations offer some o thair material via the steid, as pairt o the YouTube partnership program.[7] Unregistered uisers can watch videos, while registered uisers can upload an unlimitit nummer o videos. Videos considered tae contain potentially offensive content are available anly tae registered uisers at least 18 years auld. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC wis boucht bi Google for US$1.65 billion, an operates as a subsidiary o Google.

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