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Media is uised in sindry weys:

In communication:

  • Recordin media, graith uised for tae hain information
  • Prent media, communications deleevered via paper or cannas
  • Electronic media, communications deleevered via electronic or electromechanical energy
    • Multimedia, communications that incorporates multiple forms o information content an processin
    • Hypermedia, media wi hyperlinks
    • Deegital media, electronic media uised tae hain, transmeet, an receive deegitized information
  • New media, media that can anerly be creatit or uised wi the help o modren computer processin pouer
  • Media for adverteesin, media-buyin, or the chuisin an buyin o TV airtime, radio airtime, newspaper etc. space, for adverteesin.