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Lorna Slater
Official portrait of Lorna Slater MSP.jpg
Co-leader o the Scots Greens
Assumed office
1 August 2019
Servin with Patrick Harvie
Precedit biMaggie Chapman as co-convener
Personal details
Poleetical pairtyScots Greens

Lorna Slater (born 1974 or 1975)[1] is a Canadae-born Scots politician that is co-leader o the Scots Greens wi Patrick Harvie. She teuk office on 1 August 2019 fur a twa-year term.

Airly life an ingineerin thrift[eedit | eedit soorce]

Slater wis born in Canadae.[1][2] Efter muivin tae Scotland, she wirked as an ingineer in the renewables sector, then as a project guider.[3][4] In 2018, she wis ane o three wummin frae Scotland awairdit a place on the Homeward Bound international guideship development programme, that includit a trip tae Antartica the follaein year, whaur she had studied the effecks o climate change.[5][6][7]

Political thrift[eedit | eedit soorce]

Slater became politically involved durin the rin up tae the 2014 Scots unthirldom referendum, whaur she actit in favour o Scots unthirldom.[8]

Slater has stuid as a candidate fur the Scots Greens mony times. Durin the 2016 Scots pairlament election, she wis third on the pairty's Lothian list,[9] an in the 2017 Unitit Kinrick General Election she wis ane o three candidates pit forrit bi the Scots Greens,[4] staundin in Edinburgh and North Leith.[10] In 2019, durin a City o Edinburgh Cooncil by-election, she received 25.5% o the first preference votes, comin in seicont.[11] She wis co-convener o the Scots Greens Operations Committee when she wis named seicont on the list o candidates fur the 2019 European Pairlament election.[12]

She stuid in the Scots Greens' first co-leadership election, bein electit on 1 August 2019 alangside Patrick Harvie fur a twa-year term,[5] beatin previous co-convener Maggie Chapman.[1]

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