Scots Leeberal Democrats

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Scots Leeberal Democrats
Libearalaich Deamocratach na h-Alba
Scotis Whigamore Pairtie
LeaderWillie Rennie
Deputy LeaderAlistair Carmichael
PresesCllr Eileen McCartin
Foondit8 Mairch 1988; 33 years ago (1988-03-08)
Heidquarters4 Clifton Terrace
EH12 5DR
Youth weengLeeberal Youth Scotland
Membership  (Dec. 2013)2,831 [1]
Social liberalism[3]
British unionism[4]
Poleetical poseetionCentre
Internaitional affiliationLeeberal Internaitional
European affiliationAlliance o Leeberals an Democrats for Europe
European Pairlament groupAlliance o Leeberals an Democrats for Europe
Scots seats in the Hoose o Commons
1 / 59
Scots seats in the European Pairlament
0 / 6
Scots Pairlament
5 / 129
Local govrenment in Scotland
65 / 1,223
Politics o Scotland
Political parties

The Scots Leeberal Democrats (Inglis: Scottish Liberal Democrats; Scots Gaelic: Libearal Deamocratach nla h-Alba) is a leeberal an social-leeberal poleetical pairty in Scotland.

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