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Scots Pairlament election, 1999

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Scots Pairlament election, 1999

6 Mey 1999 2003 →
1st Scots Pairlament →

Aw 129 seats in the Scots Pairlament
65 seats needit for a majority
TurnootFPTP - 58.4%
List - 58.3%
Leader Donald Dewar Alex Salmond David McLetchie
Pairty Labour SNP Scots Tories
Constituency vote 908,346 672,768 364,425
% vote 38.8% 28.7% 15.6%
Regional vote 786,818 638,644 359,109
% vote 33.6% 27.3% 15.4%

Leader Jim Wallace Robin Harper Tommy Sheridan
Pairty Leeberal Democrats Scots Greens Scots Socialist Pairty
Constituency vote 333,179 - 23,654
% vote 14.2% - 1.0%
Regional vote 290,760 84,023 46,635
% vote 12.4% 3.6% 2.0%

Constituency wunners o the election are shawn on the left, bi pairty colour. On the richt is adeetional memmers for regions, alsae bi pairty colour

First Meenister afore election


First Meenister o Scotland

Donald Dewar
Scots Labour Pairty

Politics o Scotland
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The first election tae the devolved Scots Pairlament, tae fill 129 seats, wis hauden on the 6 Mey 1999. Syne the election, the Scots Labour Pairty an the Scots Leeberal Democrats greed a coalition tae lead the Scottish Executive, wi Labour MSP Donald Dewar becomin First Meenister o Scotland.[1]

The election ootcome wisnae ower surprisin acause the Scots Labour Pairty wis still the maist popular pairty, efter thair landslide in the 1997 Unitit Kinrick general election. Deed, thay wun 56 seats, maistly in thair traditional Central Belt hertlands, lackin anely nine seats fur a oweraw feck. Thair coalition pairtners, the Scots Leeberal Democrats, wun 17 seats. The Scots National Pairty (SNP) haed duin weil in opinion polls aheid o the wale, whiles 40% in some ratins, but this support wisnae fund at the ballot box. The SNP wis the seicont mucklest pairty wi 35 seats, whilk wis still thair headmaist result syne the October 1974 Unitit Kinrick general election. The Scots Conservative an Unionist pairty didnae win ony constituency seats but wun 18 seats on Regional leets wi the Additional Memmer System.[2]

The Scots Socialist Pairty ((SSP) an the Scots Green Pairty baith got wanexpekit additional memmer seats, wi Robin Harper the first e'er eleckit Green parliamentarian in the history o the UK. Dennis Canavan, that haed missed oot on bein a Labour candidate, wun the Falkirk West constituency as a independent candidate.[3]

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