Donald Dewar

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Donald Dewar

Donald Campbell Dewar (21 August 193711 October 2000) wis the First Meenister o Scotland frae 1999 til he dee'd in 2000. He wis the first body tae haud the poseetion o First Meenister efter the estaiblishment o the Scots Pairlament in 1999.

Dewar wis first electit tae Wastmeenster in 1966, afore bein made Secretar o State for Scotland in 1997 follaein the election o a Labour govrenment unner Tony Blair.

The inaugural First Meenister o the Scots Pairlament creatit bi the Scotland Act 1998, Donald Dewar is kent as the Faither o the Naition, or at laest as the faither o devolved govrenment. In his time as Secretar o State for Scotland, his acts an campaigns wis instrumental in gettin Scots devolution. His cutty term in the office he haed helpit tae create, endit suddent whan he dee'd o a brain haemorrhage.

A braw statue o Dewar staunds in Glesga.