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Scots Pairlament election, 2021

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Scots Pairlament election, 2021

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Aw 129 seats in the Scots Pairlament
65 seats needit for a majority
Nicola Sturgeon 2021.jpg
Official portrait of Douglas Ross MP crop 2.jpg
Anas Sarwar MSP.jpg
Leader Nicola Sturgeon Douglas Ross Anas Sarwar
Pairty SNP Scots Tories Labour
Regional vote 1,291,204 592,518 584,392
% an swing 47.7% Increase1.2% 21.9% Decrease0.1% 21.6% Decrease1.0%
Constituency vote 1,094,374 637,131 488,819
% an swing 40.3% Decrease1.4% 23.5% Decrease0.6% 18.0% Decrease1.1%

Lorna Slater MSP and Patrick Harvie MSP.jpg
Leader Patrick Harvie
Lorna Slater
Willie Rennie
Pairty Scots Greens Leeberal Democrats
Regional vote 34,990 187,746
% an swing 1.3% Increase0.7% 6.9% Decrease0.9%
Constituency vote 220,324 137,152
% an swing 8.1% Increase1.5% 5.1% Decrease0.1%

The left side shaws constituency winners o the election bi thair pairty colours. The richt side shaws regional winners o the election for the extrae members bi thair pairty colours.

First Minister afore election

Nicola Sturgeon
Scots Naitional Party

Electit First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon
Scots Naitional Party

The Scots pairlament election o 2021 teuk place on 6 Mey 2021[1] unner the Scotland Act 1998, awthou this disnae preclude the Parliament fae bein dissowlt airlier. 129 Memmers o the Scots Pairlament wis eleckit in the saxt election efter 1999, whan the pairliament wis startit.

The election campaign stairtit on 25t Mairch 2021 durin the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland, alwtho Pairlament wadnae be dissolved offeecial-like until 5t Mey, the day afore the election.[2] The main pairtes rinnin for election are the Scottish Naitional Pairty (SNP), heidi bi First Meenister Nicola Sturgeon, the Scots Conservatives heidit bi Douglas Ross, The Scots Labour Pairty heidit bi Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Liberal Democrats heidit bi Willie Rennie, an the Scots Greens, heidit bi thair co-leaders Patrick Harvie an Lorna Slater. Fae thae five parties, twa chynged thair heidman efter the 2016 election.

Newer pairtes pit up efter the last election include Reform UK, heidit bi Michelle Ballantyne, the Alba Party heidit bi umwhile First Meenister an SNP heid Alex Salmond, an All for Unity heidit bi George Galloway. These pairtes juist taen on for seats on the regional lists. Thay aw failt tae git ony.

The SNP gained Edinburgh Central, Ayr and, East Lowden as weel as gittin the maist muckle share o the popular vote an the maist nummer o constituency seats in ony Scots Parliament election, gittin 85% o constituency seats, giein thaim a landslide victory in that category. [3] Oweraw, thay made a net gain o ane seat lea'in them ane short o a majority. The Scots Greens won 8 seats, thair best results in a Scots Pairlament election, an the Scots Conservatives kept thair 31 seat.[4] The SNP an the Scots Greens, baith o thaim support unthrildom, won 72 seat oot o a total o 129 in the Scots pairlament. Uinionist pairties got a slicht majority o votes in constituencies tho pro-Independence parties did the same in the regional list votes. Voter turnoot in the election got tae record 63.0%, the hichest in ony Scots Pairlament election.

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