Santa Ana, Californie

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Santa Ana, California
City of Santa Ana
Images, frae top, left tae richt: The Old Orange County Courthouse, Bowers Museum, auld ceety haw, Minter House, an Broadway street
Images, frae top, left tae richt: The Old Orange County Courthouse, Bowers Museum, auld ceety haw, Minter House, an Broadway street
Banner o Santa Ana, California
Official seal of Santa Ana, California
" Downtown Orange County "
Location o Santa Ana athin Orange Coonty, Californie
Location o Santa Ana athin Orange Coonty, Californie
Santa Ana, California is located in the Unitit States
Santa Ana, California
Santa Ana, California
Location in the Unitit States
Coordinates: 33°44′27″N 117°52′53″W / 33.74083°N 117.88139°W / 33.74083; -117.88139
KintraUnitit States
 • MayorMiguel A. Pulido
 • Total71.271 km2 (27.518 sq mi)
 • Laund70.628 km2 (27.270 sq mi)
 • Water0.643 km2 (0.248 sq mi)  0.90%
35 m (115 ft)
 • Total324,528
 • Rank2nt in Orange Coonty
11t in Californie
57th in the United States
 • Density4,600/km2 (12,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-8 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-7 (PDT)
ZIP codes
92701-92708, 92711, 92712, 92725, 92728, 92735, 92799
Area code(s)714/949
FIPS code06-69000
GNIS featur ID1652790 [3]

Santa Ana /ˌsæntə ˈænə/ is the coonty seat an seicont maist populous ceety in Orange Coonty, Californie. Wi a population o 324,528, as o the 2010 census, Santa Ana is the 57t maist-populous ceety in the Unitit States.

Foondit in 1869, Santa Ana is locatit in Soothren Californie adjacent tae the Santa Ana River, 10 mile (16 km) awa frae the Californie coast. The ceety is pairt o the Greater Los Angeles Aurie which, accordin tae the U.S. Census Bureau, is the seicont lairgest metropolitan aurie in the U.S., wi amaist aichteen million fowk. Accordin tae the 2000 U.S. Census, o U.S. ceeties wi mair nor 300,000 fowk, Santa Ana is the 4t-maist densely populatit ahint anerlie New York Ceety, San Francisco, an Chicago, an slichtly denser than Boston.[4]

Santa Ana lends its name tae the Santa Ana Freeway (Interstate 5 in California [en]), which runs throu the ceety. It shares its name wi the nearbi Santa Ana Mountains, an the Santa Ana winds, which hae historically fueled saisonal wildfires throuoot Soothren Californie.[5] The current Office of Management and Budget (OMB) metropolitan designation for the Orange Coonty Aurie is "Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, California".

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Members o the Tongva an Juaneño/Luiseño naitions lang inhabitit the aurie. The Tongva Indians cried the Santa Ana aurie "Hotuuk."[6]

Efter the 1769 expedeetion o Gaspar de Portolá oot o Mexico Ceety, then caipital o New Spain, Friar Junípero Serra namit the aurie Vallejo de Santa Ana (Valley o Saunt Anne, or Santa Ana Valley). On 1 November 1776, Mission San Juan Capistrano wis establisht athin this valley. This Santa Ana Valley comprised mist o wha is nou cried Orange Coonty.

In 1810, year o the commencement o the war o Mexican Unthirldom (1810–1821), Jose Antonio Yorba, a sergeant o the Spainyie airmy, wis grantit laund that he cried Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana. Yorba's rancho includit the launds whaur the ceeties o Olive, Orange, Irvine, Yorba Linda, Villa Park, Santa Ana, Tustin, Costa Mesa an unincorporatit El Modena, an Santa Ana Heights, are the day. This rancho wis the anerlie laund grant in Orange Coonty grantit unner Spainyie Rule. Surroondin laund grants in Orange Coonty wur grantit efter Mexican Unthirldom bi the new govrenment.

Efter the Mexican-American War endit in 1848, Alta California became pairt o the Unitit States an American settlers arrivit in this aurie.

Claimit in 1869 bi Kentuckian William H. Spurgeon on laund obtained frae the stryndants o Jose Antonio Yorba, Santa Ana wis incorporatit as a ceety in 1886 wi a population o 2000 an in 1889 became the seat o the newly formit Orange Coonty.

Auld Santa Ana Ceety Haw, biggit 1935

Bi 1906 the Pacific Electric Railway frae Los Angeles wis extendit tae Santa Ana, runnin alang Fowert Street dountoun. The "red caurs" made traivel tae Los Angeles easier an helpit continue Santa Ana's population boom. Due tae declinin ridership, the route wis abandoned bi the 1950s an the tracks wur remuivit alang wi hintle o the rest o the Pacific Electric seestem. The closin coincidit wi the openin o the Santa Ana Freeway in 1953, increasin the ease o traivel bi automobile.

Santa Ana wis the hame o the oreeginal Glenn L. Martin aviation company, foondit in 1912 afore mergin wi the Wright Company in 1916. Later, Glenn Luther Martin creatit a seicont company o the same name in Cleveland, Ohio which eventually mergit wi the Lockheed Corporation tae form the lairgest defence contractor in the warld, Lockheed Martin.[7]

Durin Warld War II, the Santa Ana Army Air Base wis biggit as a trainin centre for the United States Army Air Forces. The base wis responsible for continued population growthe in Santa Ana an the rest o Orange Coonty as mony veterans muivit tae the aurie tae raise faimilies efter the end o the war.[8]

In 1958, Fashion Square Mall wis biggit, adjoinin the existin Bullock's Department Store biggin that wis biggit in 1954. It opened north o dountoun an became a major retail centre for the aurie. In 1987, the maw wis completely renovatit an became MainPlace Mall (nou Westfield MainPlace).

Haein been a Chairter Ceety syne 11 November 1952, the ceetizens o Santa Ana amendit the Chairter November 1988 tae provide for the direct election o the Mayor who till that pynt haed been an appointee o the Cooncil. The current mayor o Santa Ana is Miguel A. Pulido, the first mayor o Latino strynd in the ceety's history an in fact, the first Mayor directly electit bi the voters.

Syne the 1980s, Santa Ana haes been characterisit bi an effort tae revitalize the dountoun aurie which haed declined in influence. The Santa Ana Artist's Village wis creatit aroond Cal State Fullerton's Grand Central Art Center tae attract airtists an young profeesionals tae live-wirk lofts an new businesses. The process haes continued intae 2009 wi the reopenin o the historic Yost Theater.[9]

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the Unitit States Census Bureau, the ceety haes a tot aurie o 27.5 square mile (71 km2). 27.3 square mile (71 km2) o it is laund an 0.2 square mile (0.52 km2) of it (0.90%) is watter. It is the 4t maist densely populatit place in the Unitit States wi a population o 300,000 or mair wi 12,471.5 fowk per sq. mile.

Santa Ana is nestit on flat, law-lyin plains wi little laund elevation chynge. Runnin throu the wast end o the ceety is the maistly channelisit Santa Ana River, which is lairgely saisonal due tae the construction o the Prado Dam an Seven Oaks Dam. The river haes caused several severe floods in the 20t century, an is a continued threat despite the existence o the dams.

Ceetyscape[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nou fully developit, Santa Ana haes several distinct destricts. The core o the ceety is the dountoun aurie, which contains baith retail an hoosin, as well as the Santa Ana Civic Center which is a dence campus o admeenistrative biggins for baith the ceety an the coonty o Orange. The civic centre is hame tae the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse an aw. Several historic hames datin frae the late 1800s can be foond as well, an thair preservation is a key issue as development o the dountoun aurie continues.[10]

North o dountoun is the "Midtown" destrict alang Main St., hame tae entertainment destinations sic as the Bowers Museum, MainPlace Mall, an the Discovery Science Center.

Near the intersection o the Santa Ana Freeway an the Costa Mesa Freeway is the newly-designatit "Metro East" aurie, which the ceety cooncil haes enveesioned as a seicontar mixed-uise development destrict.[11] Currently the aurie is occupeed bi several office touers, but little retail or hoosin. An aw on the east side o the ceety is the Santa Ana Zoo, notable for its collection o monkeys an species frae Sooth an Central Americae.

The sooth end o the ceety is pairt o the Sooth Coast Metro aurie, which is shared wi the ceety o Costa Mesa. South Coast Plaza, a major shoppin centre, is the primar destination o this aurie, which contains several heich-rise office an apairtment biggins.

Climate[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Ana experiences a Mediterranean climate, wi wairm, dry simmers an mild, wet winters. The simmer months o Juin - September averages a daytime heich o 82 (F) degrees an a nichttime law o 62 (F) degrees. The winter months o Dizember - Mairch averages a daytime heich o 70 (F) degrees an a nichttime law o 48 (F) degrees. Rainfaw averages aboot 14 inches (356 mm) per year, maist o which faws frae November throu Aprile. Thare are an average o 34 days wi measurable precipitation annually.

The record heich temperatur for Santa Ana wis 112 °F (44 °C) on 14 Juin 1917. The record law temperatur wis 22 °F (−6 °C) on 31 Dizember 1918, an 1 Januar 1919. Thare are an average o 24.5 days wi heichs o 90 °F (32 °C) or heicher an a average of 6.4 days wi laws o 32 °F (0 °C) or lawer.

The wettest year in Santa Ana wis 1941 wi 32.36 inches (82.2 cm) an the driest year wis 1961 wi 3.55 inches (9.0 cm). The maist rainfaw in ane month wis 13.99 inches (35.5 cm) in Februar 1998. The maist rainfaw in 24 oors wis 4.69 inches (11.9 cm) on 16 Februar 1927.[12]

Climate data for Santa Ana, California
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average heich °F (°C) 69
Average law °F (°C) 47
Average precipitation inches (mm) 3.19
Source: U.S. Climate Data[13]

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historical population
Census Pop.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Ana is the corporate heidquairters o several companies includin Behr Paint, CoreLogic, Corinthian Colleges, First American Corporation, Greenwood & Hall, Ingram Micro, The Orange County Register, Powerwave Technologies, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, STEC, TTM Technologies, an Wahoo's Fish Taco. It hooses major regional heidquairters for the Xerox corporation an aw, Ultimate Software Ultimate Software, an T-Mobile.

Ane o Santa Ana's maist notable businesses is the Rickenbacker muisical instrument company, whose electric guitars an bass guitars earned fame in the haunds o mony rock an roll legends.

Then Glenn L. Martin Company, a precursor tae Lockheed Martin, wis foondit in Santa Ana in 1912 afore mergin wi the Wright Company in 1916.

In recent years, the nearbi ceety o Irvine haes ootpacit Santa Ana in commercial growthe, wi the Irvine Business District locatit near John Wayne Airport. Tae compete wi this, Santa Ana haes appruivit commercial projects in the South Coast Metro aurie, as well as the "Metro East" development, locatit at the confluence o the Santa Ana Freeway an the Costa Mesa Freeway.

The Historic South Main Business District contains mony aulder retail shops an ither sma businesses. It extends frae dountoun Santa Ana soothwairds on Main Street tae the Sooth Coast Metro aurie.

Top employers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the Ceety's 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,[14] the tap employers in the ceety are:

# Employer # o employees
1 Coonty o Orange 15,390
2 Ingram Micro 4,000
3 Rancho Santiago Community College District 2,300
4 United States Postal Service 2,000
5 Tenet Healthcare 1,500
6 Freedom Communications 900
6 First American 900
8 Corinthian Colleges 858
9 California Department of Mental Health 800
10 United Building Services 800

Airts an Cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Recreation an attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Ana haes a nummer o pairks that provide an impruivit quality o life for the residents.[15] Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm amusement pairks are locatit northeast o Santa Ana, several kilometres awa. Beaches are locatit aroond 20 minutes tae the sooth, accessible bi the 55 freewey. Huntington Beach an Newport Beach as well as ither coastal commonties affer warld-cless shoppin, dinin, boatin, soummin an surfin opportunities.

Steids o interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

Greenville, a umwhile landwart section o Santa Ana, haes biggins ower a century auld, but industrial complexes hae replacit the agricultural fields that ance surroondit the toun.

Santa Ana haes several waw paintins an murals depictin local history, commonty events an cultural diversity in Orange Coonty.

Notable locations[eedit | eedit soorce]

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Ana utilizes a mayor-cooncil form o govrenment. The cooncil consists o sax memmers who are electit bi the populace o the ceety. Each memmer serves for fower years an can serve a tot o three terms. A mayor pro tem is electit bi the cooncil memmers frae athin the cooncil.[16]

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Ana is ane o a few ceeties in Orange Coonty whaur Democratic Pairty registration outnummers that o the Republican Pairty.[17] In the 2008 Presidential Election, Barack Obama defeatit John McCain in the ceety bi a margin o 20,357 votes, 65% tae 32%.[18] This ws despite Obama luisin tae fellae Democrat Hillary Clinton in the ceety durin the Democratic Primar. Despite the ceety's heich percentage o Democrats, housomeivver, the ceety tends tae vote conservatively on social issues, hintle lik the rest o northren Orange Coonty. It votit Yes on California Proposition 8 bi 61.9%, abuin the coonty's average o 57.7%. On California Proposition 4, which wad hae amendit the Californie Constitution tae require minors tae notifee thair parents afore haein an abortion, Santa Ana votit in favor of the meisur by 62.0%, much higher than the county as a whole, which voted in favor o the meisur by anly 54.3%.[19]

In the state legislatur Santa Ana is locatit in the 34t Senate District representit bi Democrat Lou Correa, an in the 69t Assembly District, representit bi Democrat Jose Solorio. Federally, Santa Ana is locatit in Californie's 47t Congressional Destrict an is representit bi Democrat Loretta Sanchez.

The Consulate-General o Mexico in Santa Ana is locatit on 828 North Broadway Street.[20] The Consulate-General o El Salvador in Santa Ana is locatit in Suite 103 at 840 North Grand Avenue.[21]

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ceey Stadium in 2007

Santa Ana Unified School District includes thirty-seven K–5 elementar schuils, nine 6–8 intermediate schuils, aicht 9–12 heich schuils, five special schuils, an ane chairter schuil. The schuil destrict provides an online accoontability report caird.[22]

Santa Ana Unified School District's public heich schuils include Valley High School (Santa Ana), Middle College High School, Santa Ana High School, Saddleback High School, Century High School, newly opened Segerstrom Fundamental High School an Godinez Fundamental High School, an ither public schuils in the aurie, alang wi the Orange County High School of the Arts in the midtoun destrict.

The Roman Catholic Diocese operates Mater Dei High School. The Diocese operates several K–8 schuils in Santa Ana an aw includin: School of Our Lady, Saint Anne, Saint Barbara, an Saint Joseph. (Immaculate Hert Of Mary And Our Lady Of the Pillar schuils wur closed in 2005 an mergit intae the School of Our Lady which is locatit at Immaculate Hert of Mary Parish.[23]

The ceety is hame tae Santa Ana College, a twa year public commonty college, as well as California Coast University, an the Orange Coonty branch o the Art Institute of California. Taft Law School a correspondence law schuil is based in Santa Ana an aw. Detective Training Institute is a correspondence/distance learnin institution that affers private investigator diplomas an is appruivit tae operate bi the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Eddication.

Infrastructur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

A few freeweys run throu Santa Ana, connectin the ceety tae ither auries in Orange Coonty, the Greater Los Angeles Aurie, an ayont. The Santa Ana Freeway (Interstate 5) heids north tae Los Angeles, an sooth towards Soothren Orange Coonty an San Diego. The Garden Grove Freeway (State Route 22) runs alang near Santa Ana's northren border, connectin Long Beach tae the wast an the Ceety o Orange tae the east. The Costa Mesa Freeway (State Route 55) travels sooth tae Costa Mesa; an then north tae the Riverside Freeway (State Route 91), providin a connection tae Riverside.

Amtrak, the naitional passenger rail seestem, provides service tae Santa Ana several times on weekdays wi less frequent service on weekends. It operates its Pacific Surfliner atween San Diego tae the sooth an aither Los Angeles or Paso Robles tae the north (see Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center). Greyhound USA is the lairgest bus transportation service in Santa Ana. Greyhound serves the continental Unitit States an Canadae. The bus lines Crucero, Intercalifornias, an ithers serve aw pynts intae Mexico.

Santa Ana is servit bi Metrolink's Orange County Line (Oceanside tae Union Station) an aw, an Inland Empire-Orange County Line (San Bernardino tae San Juan Capistrano).

Santa Ana is in the preliminar stages o implementin a street caur seestem that will connect the Santa Ana Train station tae Dountoun Santa Ana.[24]

Public transit bus service is available via the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).

John Wayne Airport is locatit at 18601 Airport Way Santa Ana, CA 92707. The IATA code for the airport is SNA.

Utilities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Electricity for the ceety if providit bi Southern California Edison. The Southern California Gas Company provides naitural gas service. Phone an cable televeesion is providit bi AT&T.

Emergency service[eedit | eedit soorce]

Law enforcement is providit bi the Santa Ana Police Department frae three stations throuoot the ceety.[25] The department includes five canine units,[26] an 11 officer equestrian unit an a 37-member SWAT team.[27] The ceety shares a helicopter wi the ceeties o Costa Mesa an Newport Beach via the Airborne Law Enforcement (ABLE) program.[28]

In Mairch 2012, the ceety disbandit its municipal fire depairtment which haed providit fire pertection for 128 years[29] an contractit wi the Orange County Fire Authority.

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